Bellahouston Park

Bellahouston Park

If you have a few free hours to spare and the weather is fine Glasgow has some great parks and Bellahouston Park is one of the really great ones. It is an oasis of tranquillity within the city and has a few hidden gems including the Walled Garden which is just beautiful and also the Sunken Garden which is interesting. Take you time and explore it for yourself, there are some terrific views to look forward to. You can even walk to the City Centre if you have the time and inclination to do so.

The park itself has many different stops to fill your day; three children’s play parks, an adjoining sport centre for indoor activities (also with a swimming pool), a cycle track or might be running track either way good for being active and even outdoor gym equipment. Bellahouston is great for running, cycling walking dogs and sledging in the winter but for a more relaxed day at the Park it has Palace of art and house for art lover. The House for an Art Lover is actually surrounded by an Alice in Wonderland type maze which is an attraction in of itself.

Since 2013 Bellahouston Park each summer hosts Glasgow Summer Sessions with the biggest bands and artists from al over the world come to play for around 35,000 people in the park.over the last few years, just to name a few, Huge worldwide headliners have played such as; The Killers, Kings of Leon, Eminem, foo fighters, the cure, Kendrick Lemar. This year is no different as rockers Green day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer are playing at the park this summer.

Maybe even more special than all the great bands and artists that have graced the park is the fact not once, but twice a papal mass has been held there. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI both held a mass in the park. In 2010 Pope Benedict XVI served Mass to a huge crowd of 70,000 people. However in 1982 Pope John Paul II also performed mass but it was the first time a pope has been in Scotland and a massive 300,000 showed up to Bellahouston park on the day.

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